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Holistic Health Consultant + Educator

Meet Melissa Rhiann

This is where I talk about my story and how it led to Wholistic Circle. I’ll have the button link to the about>our story section.

What We Believe In

This is where we talk about our vision/mission ish. Ya know, share why we geek out on health and are passionate about sharing it. The button will link to the about>our mission section of the menu.


Nourish Intentionally

The food you consume plays a huge role in your overall health. We'll talk about something like that for this little blurb.


Move Joyfully

Movement is good for you, studies show. BUT are you moving in a way that benefits your body? There are soooo many ways to move!


Connect Mindfully

Eat clean and exercise they say, but it feels like something else that's a part of this healthy lifestyle. Oh yes! Connection - with self and others.

How Can I Help?

This part is where I explain what services are provided. The button will link to the services section.