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Ayurvedic Consultant In Orange County

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of optimal wellness and reclaim control of your health and vitality? Holistic Health Coaching is an effective way to empower yourself with knowledge, gain insights into the underlying root causes of your health issues, and develop actionable steps to create lasting change while helping you find balance, reduce stress, and create effective lifestyle management strategies. A Holistic Health Practitioner or Ayurvedic Consultant can help you discover the root causes, apply optimal lifestyle solutions with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to achieve optimal health & wellness with the changes you need to feel your best! Contact us & start your journey today!

Women's Health Coaching Services

Health Coaching is a personalized service that can provide invaluable help and support to those looking to make positive lifestyle changes. Health Coaches are knowledgeable professionals who will work with you to create achievable goals and objectives tailored to your individual needs, taking into account your unique circumstances. Health Coaching services include Retreat Cooking where Health Coaches partner with retreat chefs and nutritionists in order to create healthy meals for retreats. Health Coaches also develop Meal Plans geared towards helping individuals reach their desired health goals by providing nutrition advice, meal suggestions, and shopping lists for each day of the week. Women’s Health Coaching Services provide a variety of approaches to help women achieve optimal health and wellbeing through education, skill building, motivation and accountability. With the help of Health Coaches, women can learn to manage stress, improve their nutrition and overall lifestyle. Health Coaching is a great way for women to take control of their health and reach their full potential. Health Coaching services offer an individualized approach taking inaccount your unique circumstances. Health Coaching services provide the tools needed to make healthier lifestyle choices that are sustainable over time. Health Coaches partner with clients to build self-awareness, set achievable goals and develop action plans tailored to fit each individual’s needs and desires. Health Coaching empowers women to achieve greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through improved nutrition, fitness habits, mindfulness practices and stress management techniques. Health Coaching is a collaborative process that helps individuals create lasting change by equipping them with the necessary skills to make lasting changes and achieve wellness. If you have any question, we can help!

Health Coaching

Take the first step to improving your overall health and wellbeing with Health Coaching. Unlock your holisitc potential today!

Meal Plans

Take the stress out of meal planning and enjoy healthy, delicious meals with minimal effort that are tailored to your needs.

Retreat Cooking

Create memorable events by elevating the meal experience for your guests that will leave them feeling nourished, radiant, and satisfied.

Your Health Matters

Do you feel as if you’re stuck and that you haven’t been able to get the real health results you want no matter what you’ve tried? You’ve been struggling with your symptoms for a long while now and each time you go to the doctors, they either don’t have an answer, say it’s normal, lump your symptoms under some guise of a condition, or attempt to prescribe you medications to mask what’s really going on. Maybe you’ve given diet after diet a try or have a stockpile of the latest superfoods and supplements that allegedly claim they’ll help you with the symptoms you’re experiencing but again, you aren’t really seeing any results. My friend, you are not alone. Whether you’re struggling with weight management, hormonal imbalances, gut and digestive issues, or mental and emotional distress, there is a solution. You can feel healthy, strong, and vibrant again!

Recreate Your Life & Envision Yourself...

  • Understanding your food cravings and fueling your body properly
  • Having increased and sustained energy levels throughout the day
  • Sleeping through the night and feeling rested when you wake
  • Living a healthy and sustainable life that comes naturally
  • Feeling protected with a stronger immune system
  • Feeling empowered about the choices you make
  • Having reduced stress and anxiety in your body
  • Cultivating deeper and meaningful relationships
  • Having compassion for yourself and your body
  • Having better clarity, focus and concentration
  • Never having to rely on medication again
  • Feeling confident in all areas of your life
  • Never having to diet again
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As women living in the modern world, we often put everyone else’s needs before our own, leaving us with little time to focus on our own health and wellness. We slowly slip into a cycle of feeling unhealthy, unfulfilled, and looking for something to temporarily give us a boost in our lives without addressing the root cause of what is going on. As a Holistic Health Coach, we take the struggle and confusion out of regaining your health and help you ease into a new vibrant lifestyle that is sustainable and works for you. Whether you’re dealing with hormonal imbalances, digestive complaints, or weight management issues, you can transform and take control of your health so you can get back to living the life you deserve.


Health Living Starts Here

Wholistic Circle offers various services to support you in your health journey from Holistic Health Coaching to providing tailored meal plans. We also provide a retreat cooking experience for the next event you want to host.

Holistic Health Coaching

Don’t know where to start on your own health journey or having issues with finding answers to the symptoms you’re experiencing? A Holistic Health Coach can provide you with unique and personalized support while working with you towards your individual wellness goals. Feel empowered and confident!

Meal Plans

Balanced meals tailored to your individual needs can be an effective way to help you achieve your wellness goals. There are various things to consider when meal planning and we help to take out the guesswork so you can focus on what matters most to you. We also take your dietary preferences into consideration.

Retreat Cooking

Enjoy the opportunity at your next event to support your guests and elevate their retreat experience with meals that are delicious, vibrant, and nourishing. Each meal is tailored and personalized to the dietary preferences of your guests that are attending. We use organic, quality ingredients in our homestyle recipes.

Explore Our Services to Start Your Journey Today!

The Coaching Process

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During your complementary session, you’ll discuss your current state of health, what your health and fitness goals are, and get to know your coach to understand how you’ll work together to be supported to achieve your goals.

Health History

Complete a health history form to assist your coach in gaining a better understanding of your medical history. This will help to guide them in the best direction to offer you guidance and support in your health and fitness goals.

Wholistic Wheel

We are holistic beings, meaning that health and fitness is only one facet of what brings us true well-being. The Wholistic Wheel is a self-assessment tool to help you identify where you currently are in the various areas of your life. 

Identify Goals

Identify your goals so your health coach can help to determine unhealthy habits and develop strategies to overcome any challenges. This will provide accountability, ensure that progress is being made, and encourage long-term success.

Align Values

Identify and understand what your values are, what matters most to you, to help you align with and achieve your health goals. Your values drive you and determine how far you will go to reach your destination (aka goals).  

Personalized Plan

You are unique and so are your health goals. Your health coach will design a personalized plan that it is specific to you and your needs. This plan will also be tailored in a way to help you develop sustainable, lifelong habits.


The Wholistic Way

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Nourish Intentionally

The food you consume becomes a part of you and influences how you think, feel, and act. We’re not here to overwhelm you with diet trends or tell you what foods are good for you and which aren’t. Rather we’re here to guide you to understand your relationship with food so you feel empowered and confident when you do make food choices.

Move Joyfully

It’s nothing new if we told you that exercise is good for you. However, have you ever thought about if the exercise you’re doing is best for you or why you can’t seem to stick to a workout routine? Learn what exercises bring you joy while enhancing and optimizing your mobility instead of forcing yourself to do a workout that’s part of the latest trend. 

Connect Mindfully

Food and movement are important to live a healthy life, however, there is more to it. Holistic health means to view a person as a whole being that includes your emotional & mental health, your relationship with yourself & others, your spirituality, your career & purpose, your finances, and so much more. Each of these play an integral part in your overall wellbeing. 

Learn More About Wholistic Circle!

Optimize Your Health

Why Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, the five elements are the building blocks for everything in the universe: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. A combination of the elements come together to make up the three doshas, or energy types, called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. All three are represented in a unique combination in everyone, however, one or two tend to be more abundant in most people. Your unique constitution, or combination of the doshas, is determined at conception and is basically your blueprint to your overall health. Understanding your constitution can help you identify where you are in and out of balance to optimize your health & longevity. 

Ayurvedic herbs and spices on a table

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What is Vata Dosha?

Vata consists of the air and ether elements. It is cool, light and dry in nature. Vata governs all movement and processes within the body and mind including elimination, blood flow, activities of the nervous system, creativity, enthusiasm and communication. When out of balance or in excess, vata can lead to anxiety, fearfulness, insomnia or joint pain.

What is Pitta Dosha?

Pitta consists of the fire and water elements. It is hot, light and oily in nature. Pitta governs digestion, metabolism, and energy production. Transformation is its primary function. Balanced pitta brings intelligence, courage, clarity, and charisma. In excess, pitta  can cause imbalances related to heat, such as anger,  irritated skin, heartburn or indigestion.

What is Kapha Dosha?

Kapha consists of the earth and water elements. It is cool, heavy and oily in nature. Kapha governs the structure of the body and gives us physical form. When balanced, it is strong, steady, and supportive. When out of balance, kapha types can become overweight, sleep excessively, suffer from diabetes and depression, or be resistant to change.

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