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Life can be a little chaotic at times and thinking of what to make for dinner is the last thing you want to do after a long day. You told yourself you would start eating healthier and meal prepping, but you find yourself going out to grab a bite to eat or ordering food to be delivered for the family. You tell yourself again that you’ll figure out how to get your meals situated later, when you have time. Or maybe you don’t know many recipes that include all of the foods you need to incorporate in your diet to help manage your health concerns. Your medical professional advised you to “eat healthier” or “eat more fruits and vegetables” or to “avoid food groups xyz,” but you have no idea what that looks like. Whatever your situation may be, we’re here to take the stress out of meal planning so that you can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals with minimal effort that are tailored for you. We offer 5-day weekly meal plans for individuals and for families. We’ll work with you on a customized plan to suit your needs. All meals are balanced and nutritious to help you achieve your personal or family wellness goals. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to get started!

Simple Recipes

No matter what your kitchen experience is, the recipes crafted for you will match your skill level, be simple to follow, and can be prepared in 60 minutes or less.

Grocery Lists

Along with your recipes, a grocery list is provided to minimize your time shopping. If you prefer online grocery shopping, we can share online carts with your account.

Cooking Tips

With each recipe, tips will be available to help you throughout to avoid any confusion. How-to videos are available upon request during consultation.

Resource Guide

You’ll receive an initial resource guide that includes kitchen basic how-tos and a list of staple herbs, spices, pantry ingredients, and kitchen appliances must-haves.

The Meal Planning Experience

There are various things to consider when meal planning and we are here to help to take out the stress and guesswork so you can focus on what matters most in your life. For clarification purposes, we do not prep meals for clients, but rather provide a meal plan to follow along with a grocery list and cooking tips. We encourage our community to be as self-reliant as possible and connect back with their kitchens and the magic of nourishing oneself. During your initial complimentary consultation, we’ll get to understand your needs and guide you through the process outlined below to optimize your time and get started on becoming the healthiest version of you!
Initial Consultation: Discuss what your cooking skill level is at, if you prefer cooking meals individually or prepping batches ahead of time, which meals and how many people, your dietary preference, and any medical conditions or health concerns.
Favored Foods: Once the above items have been discussed and confirmed, we’ll delve into what your favorite cuisines are, what foods you enjoy, and which foods you dislike so we can personalize your weekly menu to incorporate the foods you favor.
Recipe Catalog: Before we send your first weekly meal plan, we like to get your final input on recipe preferences. We’ll assemble a simple recipe catalog with a quick summary to get your final approval on types of recipes, think of it like a restaurant menu.
Final Weekly Menu: Via email, you’ll receive your finalized weekly menu that is based on all prior discussions and preferences chosen. It will also include a grocery list (option available for online grocery cart), cooking tips, and a kitchen resource guide.
Feedback Survey: At the end of the week of your meal plans, we’ll send out an optional feedback survey via email. We appreciate hearing from you so we can improve and optimize your future recipes and experience. All opinions are welcomed!

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