Restore Health Coach Session

Reinvigorating Sesh for Previous Clients

The Restore Session

Includes one 90-minute one-on-one session via Zoom to review progress that has been made, revisit what has and hasn’t been working for you in your lifestyle, and a session summary with suggestions and recommendations to implement and improve your health and wellness. * Please note that this session is only available for previous clients.
Restore your health routine with a single health coaching session to get you back on track. We all veer off course from time to time, so give yourself permission to seek guidance and realign yourself when life tries to get in your way of living your best life. Contact us now to get started!

Invest In A Vibrant & Confident You!

You are beautifully unique and you have a magical mixture of talents, gifts, and ideas to make a difference in this world, no matter how small or big. Having optimal and radiant health is a fundamental key for you to live the life of your dreams, prosper, and make an impact. Health goes beyond the food you eat. Holistic Health is composed of the thoughts you consume, the way you move your body, your relationship with yourself and others, fulfillment in your career, and so much more! Investing in yourself is the best investment one can make.
Your Holistic Health Coach will support you in improving your gut health, balancing your hormonal health, or managing your weight and stress. Having the knowledge and guidance of a Holistic Health Coach will help keep you personally accountable to implement small changes so you can achieve long-lasting results. Working with a Health Coach is a partnership that prioritizes your unique needs as an individual to assist you in upgrading your lifestyle and health so that it works for you (and your family) long term.


Ongoing support throughout the duration of your health and wellness journey can help you overcome personal barriers and challenges that may arise.


A Health Coach can help you stay motivated and accountable when it comes to making progress towards your wellness goals and building long-term habits.


Feel empowered with the tools and knowledge a Health Coach can provide to help you take ownership of your wellbeing and make confident health choices.


Working with a Health Coach can bridge the gap between knowledge and action to help you achieve your health goals and experience the results you want.

What's Included & What to Expect

This isn’t your first rodeo, so you can expect to experience the same level of an exceptional session you’ve had before and feel as if we’re just catching up, which we will do. Prior to your session, you’ll receive a Wholistic Wheel form so we can re-evaluate where you’re at on your health journey. We’ll also discuss where there may be any disconnects going on since your last session and work to uncover different solutions to get you moving forward confidently and consistently.
One 90-minute one-on-one session via Zoom
Recommendations and suggestions to implement and optimize your health and wellness routine
Session Summary recapping what was discussed during your session for you to keep and reference
At the end of your session, you’ll receive a Sessions Summary for you to keep and reference whenever you need to. You’ll walk away with new (or even revisit older) suggestions and recommendations to restore your health and lifestyle routine, despite what life throws at you. Everything discussed within your session will be kept highly confidential.

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Right now: You “know what to do” when it comes to your health but you can’t seem to hold yourself accountable or find the motivation. You feel that you fell off the health bandwagon a couple of months ago, maybe even a year or a few, and you are at the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.
You want: Accountability, simplicity and support. You want something that will get you back on track without long-term commitment and get results you can see.
You’ll get: A better understanding and insight on what is and isn’t working for you, a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan, and the accountability you need between your three sessions to succeed.
Right now: You’ve done dealing with your health complaint you’ve had for a while but haven’t been able to manage. You have either worked with medical professionals, tried various avenues on your own, or don’t know where to start. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and honestly just frustrated with where your health is.
You want: Transformation and change. You want to feel vibrant, energized and healthy. You want specific guidance to regain confidence in your body and life.
You’ll get: A customized nutrition and lifestyle plan to implement and practice making changes, bi-weekly virtual check-ins, and session summaries (to keep and reference) for the 3 or 6 months together.