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Food brings people together. No matter what the occasion or event may be, food has a way of connecting everyone. We provide nourishing and delicious meals to help elevate your retreat or event to the next level, making it a memorable event for all your guests. We prioritize using quality and organic ingredients in all of our recipes to ensure your clients get the best that they deserve. We understand that many guests may have specific dietary preferences, so we do our best to curate meals that accommodate everyone. All our meals focus first and foremost on healthy and balanced recipes. We abstain from using any processed or refined foods and ingredients. We can create menus based on your dietary theme preference: meat or seafood included, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and beverages. Most importantly, all our food is made with love and intention. Connect with us today to get a quote for your next retreat or event. We look forward to working with you soon!


We use recipes and ingredients that nourish the body from the inside out, leaving your guests satiated and healthier.


Enjoy meals, drinks, and desserts that delight and satisfy the taste buds while keeping your guests energized and vibrant.


We prioritize using quality and organic ingredients in all of our recipes to ensure your clients get the best that they deserve.


We take all your clients’ dietary preferences into consideration when crafting the meal plan for your retreat or event.

The Retreat Cooking Experience

Let us help take the pressure off you when it comes to food so you can focus on making your retreat or event exceptional. Prior to your event, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss all the details and the needs of your guests, your expectations when it comes to the meals, and the kitchen and dining environment. From there, we’ll work with you to create and finalize the menu. During our preliminary meetings, we’ll guide you through our process and what you can expect through the experience outlined below to optimize your time and cultivate an incredible working relationship.
Preliminary Details: Establish the estimated number of guests that are expected, confirm the duration of your event, determine what meals will need to be prepared, and consider if any specialty desserts or beverages will be included in the menu.
Dietary Preferences: This is the time to discuss what type of meals you want provided at your event, whether it includes meat or seafood, or is vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc. It is also helpful to know if any potential guests have allergies.
Establish Menu: Once the dietary preferences are confirmed, we’ll work together to create a preliminary menu. If there are any specific recipes you want for any of the meals, that can be incorporated. We will provide a pdf of the final menu.
Kitchen and Dining Environment: To help us prepare, It’s important to know if we will be cooking food at the venue or need to prepare ahead of time, what cooking equipment and serving ware is available, and what the food storage situation will be like.
Final Details: Leading up to your event, we’ll need to confirm the final guest count, any last details about the kitchen and dining environment, any loose ends regarding the menu, and details about arrival at the venue and your event schedule.
During Event: Depending on the duration of your event and if the food will be prepared onsite or beforehand, we’ll get situated in the designated space provided. We will adhere to your scheduled times for meals and make it a memorable experience.

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