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At Wholistic Circle, we offer various services to support you in all phases of your health journey. Whether you want to learn on your own through mini courses, get guidance in the kitchen with meal plans, or work one-on-one with a Holistic Health Coach for a more personalized and deep transformation, we’ve got you covered. We also provide a retreat cooking experience for the next event you want to host. Let us help you get started in the best direction for you to reclaim your health and wellbeing today. In a world that can be overwhelming, we help you find ease and simplicity.
We know that you are beautifully unique and that you have a magical mixture of talents, gifts, and ideas to make a difference in this world, no matter how small or big. Having optimal and radiant health is a fundamental key for you to live the life of your dreams, prosper, and make an impact. Health goes beyond the food you eat. Holistic Health is composed of the thoughts you consume, the way you move your body, your relationship with yourself and others, fulfillment in your career, and so much more! Investing in yourself is the best investment one can make.

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Health Coaching

Don’t know where to start on your own health journey or having issues with finding answers to the symptoms you’re experiencing? A Holistic Health Coach can provide you with unique and personalized support while working with you towards your individual health and wellness goals. Start feeling empowered and confident!

Meal Planning

Balanced meals tailored to your individual needs can be an effective way to help you achieve your wellness goals. There are various things to consider when meal planning and we help to take out the guesswork so you can focus on what matters most to you. We also take your dietary preferences into consideration.

Mini Courses

Take your health into your own hands and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to live a vibrant life. The mini courses cover various health and lifestyle topics so you can learn and apply it at your own pace. Each course offers simplified information, comprehensive modules, and actionable learning insights.

Retreat Cooking

Enjoy the opportunity at your next event to support your guests and elevate their retreat experience with meals that are delicious, vibrant, and nourishing. Each meal is tailored and personalized to the dietary preferences of your guests that are attending. We use organic, quality ingredients in our homestyle recipes.

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You have questions and we have answers, or at least some sort of explanation to help you understand whatever health information you are seeking. We explore various topics in the holistic health world anywhere from gut health, to Ayurveda, to emotional well-being, to relationships and so much more. Humans are multi-faceted beings so we don’t just stop at the nutrition and exercise front of the health spectrum. We love to get curious about all the things that make us holistic beings and how we can tap into living our best lives ever. Reach out if there are any health topics that peak your interest and you want to learn more about on our blog. We enjoy supporting you in your health journey and believe that knowledge is power!